Helping women find light in the darkness of addiction, and celebrating recovery.

Shining Strong, Inc. is an All-Volunteer, Non-Profit Corporation with a mission to help women who are suffering from addiction, are struggling in early sobriety, or are sober and want resources to stay that way.  We are passionate about breaking down the stigma of addiction that keeps so many people stuck and alone, but ALSO celebrating the more than 23 million Americans who are currently living in long term recovery.  We do this primarily through written submissions, spoken word (through our podcast and internet talk show), but we have plans to grow Shining Strong in other areas, such as a conferences/retreats, Recovery Awareness meet-ups and partnerships with other like-minded organizations. 


Watch this inspirational video celebrating the gifts of recovery.  This video shows that RECOVERY WORKS, and it's full of beautiful and inspiring women who are on this recovery journey with us:



The Bubble Hour Podcast 

The Bubble Hour's mission is to provide hope and inspiration to people who are wondering about their drinking, struggling to get sober, or who are sober and want to stay that way.

The concept of the "bubble" was something our original co-host Lisa N. came up with in her early sobriety.  She recognized that her sobriety needed to come first, and as such she created what she call a "bubble" around herself to keep herself safe, and prioritize her recovery.

Talking with other recovering alcoholics was a big part of Lisa's Bubble, but she also talked about the role of a good book, funny television shows, exercise, ice cream - anything that replaced the hole alcohol left in her life.

People who had been sober awhile also recognized the importance of The Bubble, which essentially represents a 'force field' of safety and support you surround yourself with to remember you're ARE NOT in this alone.

The Bubble Hour's podcasts are a way for people to listen to real stories, interviews and conversations between real sober people, offering practical advice, humor and companionship, especially during the difficult hours of the day.

Listen to our latest episodes here: 

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Strong

The name of the organization honors the legacy of Jonathan Strong, who was Ellie's father and who passed away in 2011.  He dedicated his life to tirelessly helping the communities he served, and he taught Ellie from an early age that giving back to your community is the most important thing one can do.


His spirit of giving back shines through all the good works we do for those struggling with the disease of addiction, and the people we help celebrate the joys of recovery.


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